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You could have neglected it, however simply ahead of E3 2018 a brand new challenger entered the console warfare: The Intellivision is returning just about 4 many years after it to start with released.

The unique Intellivision, launched as a competitor to the Atari VCS in 1979, had a significantly better controller than the Atari and a super library of frequently oddball video games. In keeping with present Intellivision Leisure president, Tommy Tallarico, the controller and video games stay the focal point of the next-generation Intellivision. Talking to IGN at E3 2018, Tallarico shared a couple of new information about the console, its controller, its deliberate library, and his imaginative and prescient for what may just make it a luck along fashionable PCs, telephones, consoles, or even its resurrected rival, the approaching re-launched Atari VCS.


The unique Intellivision console. Symbol: Wikipedia

Who Is the New Intellivision For?

Tallarico says concentrated on principally everybody however “the gamer” is the function.

“So at Intellivision, we’ve a large white board within the place of job… I write on there ‘hardcore gamer, informal gamer, 10-year-old lady, 40-year-old unmarried mother, 70-year-old grandpa.’ I put ages and creeds and colours and races and age teams and genders. We’ve got this all on a large wall. What I inform my group is that this: No longer a unmarried the sort of [types] of individuals are extra vital than the opposite. So we aren’t seeking to create a device for hardcore players,” Tallerico stated.

Tallarico and the newly shaped Intellivion Leisure used the Nintendo Wii as a beginning position for designing a brand new console.

“The Wii proved past a shadow of a doubt that non-gamers are prepared to shop for a house online game console,” he stated. “My mother, for instance, has purchased two online game consoles in her whole lifestyles. Christmas 1980, she purchased Intellivision for the family members. She additionally purchased a Nintendo Wii for herself as a result of she may just see bowling all she needed to do used to be transfer her arm.”

In November of 2006, Wii Sports activities made the rounds on morning communicate presentations, the Wii used to be in brief provide international, and households got here in combination to play. However, as Tallarico explains, he believes Nintendo did not capitalize on the ones new gamers.

“They were given these kind of nice non-gamers to shop for the program, however then they by no means adopted up truly with the ones folks. What they did used to be they went again into the wheelhouse as to what they know, which is superb. OK, here is any other Pikmin, here is any other Mario Kart, here is any other…let’s cater now to the Nintendo target market. They by no means truly targeted and catered on my mother,” he stated.

The New Intellivision Video games

So how can Intellivision construct a library of hits? Tallarico believes dipping into the vintage Intellivision library is a superb get started. Shark! Shark! is one instance of a vintage recreation that he plans to deliver again to the coming near near Intellivision.


Shark! Shark! May see a go back at the new Intellivision Console. Symbol: Wikipedia

“Shark! Shark! is a truly easy, amusing recreation that folks get into … You are a small fish. You’ll be able to devour smaller fish to develop larger and a shark comes out and you need to develop larger so you’ll be able to stay consuming extra fish. That is an idea that is easy, however we want to replace the graphics, you wish to have to replace the sounds.”

Tallarico additionally pointed to Astro Destroy, Tron: Fatal Discs, Biplanes, Snafu, Primary League Baseball, Pitfall!, and Evening Stalker as examples of previous Intellivision video games that might see a remake.

Possibly extra importantly, then again, is what you will not see at the Intellivision:

  • Violent Video games: “[If it’s] violent, if it is not E for Everybody, then no it is not going at the console.” Tallarico needs the console itself to be rated E for Everybody.
  • Difficult Video games: “If you’ll be able to’t give an explanation for the sport in 10 seconds, or if it wishes a handbook, it is not on our device.”
  • 3-d Video games: “There may be now not going to be any 3-d. We are not seeking to compete with Nintendo. We are not seeking to construct a higher Zelda…. We are not going to be growing 3-d worlds.”

The unique controller serves as inspiration for the ‘subsequent gen’ Intellivision, with the round pad returning. Symbol: Wikipedia

The New Intellivision Controller

Making video games for everybody is an engaging thought, however why now not make video games and put up them on present methods? In keeping with Tallarico, the reason being easy: “On account of the controller. 100 %.”

The following Intellivision controller should set the device except for others — and the unique Intellivision controller appeared like not anything else in the market. It had a disc that functioned just like the later NES D-pad and a host pad it’s essential slide graphical overlays over to create distinctive button layouts. Check out the picture beneath to get an concept of what this seems like. When hung on its aspect, it purposes somewhat like an NES controller.


The plastic overlays that got here with each and every recreation slipped over the keypad of the unique Intellivision controller. The brand new controller may have a marginally display screen.

The New Intellivision Video games

The disc is again: “Intellivision used to be 16-position disc. In order that is one thing that you’ll be able to hand someone a disc and they do not want to know anything else… So we are going to deliver the disc ahead, however with out the ridge. It is going to be extra of a floating form of disc.” As an alternative of the plastic overlays there might be a colour contact display screen. “Believe the type of gameplay, other features — as a result of that is quite simple… A disc and a phone-type factor, however a cellphone that [is] somewhat bit extra rounded, buttons that [are] somewhat extra tactile… It is flat and it is stunning, and it is beautiful to have a look at… It isn’t competitive and black.”

The family-friendly vibe indisputably extends to Tallarico’s plans for the controller. “So while you put a PlayStation controller right into a non-gamer’s arms, it is fast panic, it is aggressive-looking, there may be such a lot of buttons… [The Intellivision controller] is one thing that is pleasant, that someone can perceive instantly. It is what is going to differentiate us from the entirety in the market.”


The unique Intellivision with controller overlay put in.

Intellivision Disclose Date and Long run Plans

Construction at the Intellivision and a minimum of 10 release video games is going on now, and the large divulge is deliberate for October 1, 2018. On that date Tallarico says we will see the device and “Get an inventory of all of the superb issues that we are bringing again.”

However not like different methods in the market, there would possibly not be any crowdfunding or preorders.

“I am not going to invite any person to speculate any cash into this till they play it, and that is the reason the large distinction between us and Atari and Ouya,” Tallarico stated.

You’ll be able to, then again, join a possibility to buy the Restricted Version now.

Samuel Claiborn is IGN’s Managing Editor and each fixes and breaks pinball machines in his storage. TCELES B HSUP to observe him @Samuel_IGN on Twitter.

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